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Corps of Cadets Resources

Manuals and Guidance

New Cadet Quick Start Guide for fall 2022

Guidon, 2022

Cadet Regulations, 2022

Uniform Regulations, 2022

Family Guide, 2021

New Cadet Guide, 2022

Lower Quad Housing

VTCC Strategic Plan, 2020-2025

U.S. Army Drill and Ceremonies Manual (scroll down to TC 3-21.5)


Honor Resources

Corps of Cadets Honor Manual

Honor Form 1 - Initial Report

Honor Form 2 - Initial Investigation

Honor Form 3 - Court Notification

Honor Form 4 - Court Appointment

Honor Form 5 - Admission

Honor Form 6 - Accused Rights

Honor Form 7 - Waiver of Rights

Honor Form 8 - Appeals


Cadet Forms and Documents

AA Card

Corps of Cadets Memo (template)

Corps of Cadets' Laser Shot Trainer Usage Request

Corps Course, Corps Lab and VPI Lab Excusal

Cadet Track Change Checklist (transfering from ROTC to VPI BN, or from VPI BN to ROTC)

Counseling Form

Evaluation Form (First Year Cadet Red Phase)

Evaluation Form (all upperclass cadets and second semester freshmen)

Evaluation Form Instructions

Graduation with Distinction Form

Leadership Minor Course Substitution Request

Leadership Minor Requirement Waiver Request

Leave Form

NJP Form

Obstacle Course Quick Reference

Officer of the Day Checksheet

Regulations Update Form

Request Form

Rights of the Accused

Room Inspection Form

VPI Wellness Tracker


Cadet Funds Handling Logs

VTCC Cashier Log

VTCC Mail Log

VTCC Voids and Corrections Log


Hometown Recruiting Resources

Survey for a prospect to request information about the Corps, by company













Band (A&B)


Hometown Recruiting Quick Guide (instructions)

Recruiting Information

Verification of Hometown Recruiting Form

Recruiting Presentation



Laser Shot Trainer Request Form

Corps Leadership and Military Science Building Webcam

Ordering Sabers

Class Rings

Shadow Day

Service Project After Action Survey

Textbook Guidance

Portrait Photography

Parents Clubs

Ordering a Corps Flag

Corps Graduation & Joint Commissioning Ceremony