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Thanks to our generous alumni, the Corps of Cadets offers many scholarships to cadets. Scholarships from the Corps do not require a military commitment.

For more information about other financial aid opportunities, please see Virginia Tech Financial Aid.

Emerging Leader Scholarship

Who is eligible? All students admitted as cadets are considered with the submission of a current year FAFSA on file with the university. Applicants must be offered and accept admission to the Corps of Cadets. 

What is provided? The Emerging Leader Scholarship (ELS) provides at least $1000 to every cadet who submits their FAFSA, each year. In addition to the $1000, each cadet is evaluated for additional scholarship funding based on the information obtained from the FASFA.  

ELS recipients must, by the beginning of the junior year and each following semester, meet Corps physical fitness standards and must earn at least a cumulative 2.0 grade-point average to continue the scholarship. A scholarship may be suspended or lost because of disciplinary action, and departure before the end of the semester will result in the entire semester’s amount being revoked. 

The Emerging Leader Scholarship may be reduced if, when added to other scholarships being received, total benefits exceed the total cost of attendance (as defined by Financial Aid, usually including tuition, fees, books, room & board, and semester transportation to/from school). 

How many are awarded? All cadets in good standing who have filed their FAFSA each year are awarded an ELS, for a total of at least $4,000 over four years. The ELS is renewable based on continued good standing.  

How is the scholarship decided? The scholarship is awarded based upon merit. We are looking for well- rounded cadets with a desire to become leaders. Awardees typically have strong academic backgrounds in subjects related to their college major, pursue the most rigorous courses offered by their high school, and show evidence of leadership potential in the essays they submitted to apply to Virginia Tech. Additional ELS scholarship consideration is determined by information obtained from the FAFSA. 

How do I apply? All offered applicants who enroll and have a FAFSA on file are awarded. Make sure you indicate you wish to enroll in the Corps of Cadets when applying to Virginia Tech. 

If you are a cadet with a question about your existing ELS, an international or transfer student, call Nicole Freeman Ramos at 540-231-2892 or ask through your chain of command. 

Band Stipend

Who is eligible? High school seniors and transfer students who enter Virginia Tech as members of the Corps of Cadets and the Highty-Tighties. Appropriate musical or marching band experience is required.

What is provided? Highty-Tighties receive $1,000 during the first and second year ($500 each semester), subject to continuing in good standing in the Corps of Cadets and the regimental band.

How many are awarded? Dependent on available funding but generally all incoming Band members are awarded.

How is the scholarship decided? The scholarship is awarded based upon merit.

How do I apply? Submission of your Virginia Tech application as a cadet ensures you will be considered. Check the interest box for the "Highty-Tighties" on your application or completion of the Highty-Tighty Stipend Form no later than the last day of Corps Orientation in July.

Commandant's Scholarships

Commandant’s Scholarships recipients are determined by reviewing both merit and financial need. These scholarships range from $1000 to $5000 annually. All recipients must have an incoming GPA of at least 3.0 and maintain at least a 3.0 GPA during all four years. If your GPA does drop below a 3.0, you will still be eligible to receive an ELS. You will receive either a Commandant’s Scholarship or an ELS but not both in the same year. No additional application process is needed to be considered. 

Horizon Fund Scholarships

Rising juniors and seniors in good standing with a current FAFSA and cumulative GPA of 2.5 or above will receive an additional Horizon Fund scholarship of $3,500. 

ROTC Scholarships

The ROTC programs at Virginia Tech are extremely competitive, but there are opportunities for 4-year, 3- year, 3.5-year, and 2-year scholarships from each branch. For information, visit the national ROTC scholarship sites: