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Minor in Leadership Studies

Cadets have the opportunity to demonstrate a higher degree of engagement and leader development through their pursuit and completion of a minor in leadership studies.

About the minor

The following is a brief overview. Interested students need to review the official checksheet for all information regarding the requirements of this minor, which is found at the University Registrar’s website.

1. A minimum of 22 credit hours consisting of:

Sixteen credit hours that include:

  • Satisfactory completion of the appropriate Corps Lab for a minimum of six semesters (transfer cadets must complete at least five semesters)
  • The remaining credits must be earned by satisfactory completion of either the appropriate ROTC course (for commissioning cadets) or Pro Lab (for non-commissioning cadets)

Six credit hours must include:

  • Satisfactory completion of MGT 3304 (Management Theory and Leadership Practice)
  • Satisfactory completion of PHIL 2304 (Global Ethics)

A minimum of six credit hours at the 3000-level or above must be satisfactorily completed.

2. Leadership Progression

  • Satisfactory completion of either three qualifying Corps leadership positions or two qualifying Corps leadership positions and one qualifying ROTC leadership position
  • A cadet must pass at least two ROTC or Corps Physical Fitness Tests (PFT) (or alternate test in case of physical disability) during his/her cadet career with at least one of those passing scores being earned during the senior year in the Corps.

Academic minors involve the year a cadet is graduating from Virginia Tech, not the Corps. So a cadet who is a member of the Corps' Class of 2021 but who is graduating from Virginia Tech in 2022 is considered “Class of 2022” where the minor is concerned.

Cadets who want to declare the minor should

1.      Discuss the matter with their academic advisor.

2.      If the advisor supports the decision to add the minor, make the request for the Rice Center ( to declare the minor on their behalf.

This decision must be made no later than the fall of a cadet’s junior year at Virginia Tech. A cadet can ask that the minor be removed at any time if desired.