Donors of $500 or more to Commandant’s Priorities are recognized as sponsors of a freshman on the fall or spring Caldwell March. The cadet wears a name tag honoring the sponsor (or whomever the donor chooses), and the cadet will mail the donor a thank you note — including the name tag and his/her picture wearing the name tag on the march. Parents or others who wish to sponsor a specific cadet may do so by entering the cadet’s name in the comment section of the pledge or gift form.

Cadets make the first of two Caldwell Marches. This is the first half of the 26-mile journey made in 1872 by Addison Caldwell, the first cadet and student at Virginia Tech. The first-year cadets will complete the second half of the march in the spring at the conclusion of their training year.

A long line of cadets walks along a rural roadway.

For more information, please call 800-533-1144 or 540-231-2892.