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The Highty-Tighties: Benefits and Financial Aid

Members of the Highty-Tighties pose for a picture in Lane Stadium.

Members of the Highty-Tighties pose for a picture in Lane Stadium.

The best and longest-lasting benefit of being a member of the Highty-Tighties is the friendships you establish beginning on your first day.

The Corps of Cadets and the regimental band produce leaders of character and integrity in all fields — business, industry, agriculture, and the military. Leadership is forged in an team environment built on camaraderie, esprit de corps, and academic excellence. There is no other organization at Virginia Tech that fosters friendships that last across the decades like the Highty-Tighties. 

Incoming cadets who join the regimental band may be awarded a $1,000 Highty-Tighty Alumni stipend, named in memory of Jim Schaeffer, based on their audition with the director. Recipients earn $500 each semester of their first year.

All incoming cadets, including Highty-Tighties, automatically compete for a corps’ Emerging Leader Scholarship. That’s $12,000 over four years for an out-of-state cadet, and $8,000 over four years for an in-state cadet. This is in addition to the Highty-Tighty Scholarship, and both can be applied toward the total cost of attendance.

These scholarships are proof of the lasting value of your experience as a cadet and as a Highty-Tighty because they are funded by a $27 million endowment raised by Corps alumni.