“A cadet will not lie, cheat, or steal,

nor tolerate those who do.”

The goal of the Cadet Honor Code is that cadets:

  1. learn and practice the essential leader responsibilities of establishing a healthy ethical climate within a unit;
  2. develop an understanding of the importance of integrity as an essential aspect of leadership;
  3. foster a desire to maintain an honorable lifestyle in the spirit of the code;
  4. achieve the level of commitment to honorable conduct necessary to prepare them for greater challenges to their integrity throughout a lifetime of service;
  5. develop the character required of those who voluntarily take full responsibility for their decisions and actions;
  6. be moral - ethical examples worthy of emulation by all students and faculty at Virginia Tech.


The Cadet Honor Committee

Chief Justice

Cadet Alex Rastovac

Vice Chief for Education

Cadet Virginia Melton

Vice Chief for Investigations

Cadet Katie Mazzola

Honor Court Regimental Counsel

Cadet David Gardner

Honor Court Defense Counsel

Cadet Riley Cooper

Sergeant at Arms

Cadet Christopher Bartlett

Regimental Honor Representatives

Alpha - Cadet Clay Ro

Bravo - Cadet Kameron Kopka

Charlie - Cadet Ean Ormsby

Delta - Cadet Connor McMillan

Echo - Cadet Christopher Us

Foxtrot - Cadet Robert D'Amato

Golf - Cadet Tyler Kirk

Hotel - Cadet Micaela Albright

India - Cadet Peter Szwerc

Kilo - Cadet Abel Solomon

Lima - Cadet Clark Shotwell

Band - Cadet Djamila Lou