Peter Phillips

Captain Peter C. Phillips (Ret.) is the deputy commandant of cadets for 1st Battalion.

He is a 1989 graduate of Virginia Tech and the Corps of Cadets. In 1989, CAPT Phillips was commissioned into the U.S. Navy. During his career, he completed 14 combat deployments to 59 countries and six continents, contributed to 19 operations in 28 countries, and led three Joint Special Operations Task Forces in Africa, Asia, and South America.

A Navy SEAL, his assignments included building the four newest Naval Special Warfare Commands: Advance Training Command East; Logistics Unit TWO, SEAL Team TEN; and Special Mission Unit Assault Squadron. He also oversaw the design and construction of the new $100 million headquarters of the U.S. Naval Special Warfare Development Group and the design of SEAL Team TEN facility, a plan that carried forward to all new SEAL facilities. He also served as deputy commander, U.S. Naval Special Warfare Development Group, directly responsible for its $120 million budget and the hiring, training, development, and employment of this premier special mission unit of 1,600 personnel. His career also included leading the 588-person Washington Command to provide strategic integration of special operations activities across interagency, non-governmental organizations, and private sectors.

CAPT Phillips initiated, developed, and procured the Department of Defense’s most advanced intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance aerial platform with kinetic capability. He led the creation of the department’s most operationally capable and multi-purposed combat maritime platform for Special Mission Units and initiated and led Project Carnivore for the invention of an encased bionic and ballistic warfighter system, also known as the Iron Man Suit.

After his naval career, CAPT Phillips became the chief executive and operating officer for a global aviation and logistics company, with eight offices on four continents and over 1,000 international employees in 50-plus regulatory and compliant environments. In this role, he directed three aviation companies with over 30 aircraft completing the most air medivacs on the African continent while supporting the air logistical movements for U.S. and British governments and the UN.

He also managed two separate trucking companies with over 1,500 trucks supporting 80 percent of all logistical movements for the largest grocery store chain on the African continent.

CAPT Phillips earned his bachlelor’s degree in history from Virginia Tech and was a member of the Naval ROTC Program and Corps, rankedNo. 2 in his class. He also is a distinguished graduate, ranked No. 2 in his class of 201 students at the National War College, where he earned his master’s degree in national security strategy.

CAPT Phillips has been awarded 33 medals, including five Bronze Stars and four Combat Action Ribbons.

His son is currently a senior in the Corps.



Captain Peter C. Phillips (Ret.)

Captain Peter C. Phillips (Ret.)