The Corps Academic Program – The leader development program of the Corps is comprised of three ‘legs’: academic; experiential; and physical fitness.  The Academic Program is supervised by the Rice Center and consists of 17 accredited courses.  Eight of the courses, collectively called Corps Lab are a requirement for all cadets to take.  Another eight courses, called ProLab are designed for cadets in the Citizen-Leader Track to prepare them for a career in a variety of fields to include business, industry, non-profits and government.  These courses are required for all cadets in that track and are equivalent to the courses the Military-Track cadets receive through their ROTC program.    

Academic Minor in Leadership Studies - The Minor in Leadership Studies is under review at this time. Currently there are three minors that are tailored to a cadet’s path of earning a commission with one of the military ROTC programs (Military Track) or completing the Citizen-Leader program for non-commissioning cadets (Military/Civic Professions track or Civic Professions track). The requirements are 22 credits of coursework to include at least four credits of Corps Lab and completion of two successful, semester-long Corps leadership positions. Currently enrolled cadets graduating December 2016 or May 2017 will be under the current system. Cadets graduating after May 2017 should stand by for updates as to the proposed minor and its implications for their particular status.

Leaders in Action Program – Each semester notable guest speakers are invited to campus to address the regiment on topics of leadership and ethics. Included in this program is the “Gunfighters Panel.” This panel discussion involves Corps alumni for all walks of life who talk about their experiences during and following their time in the Corps. Their focus is on the lessons learned as a cadet and how those lessons have served them in their pursuit to be a global, ethical leader in their careers. 

Cutchins Distinguished Lecture Series – Endowed by a generous alumnus and named for another distinguished alumnus, Clifford  A. Cutchins III ’44 (’47), this speaker series brings to campus a nationally known personality who speaks on the topics of leadership and ethics.  Past speakers include: General Colin Powell, Bob Schieffer, Stephen Ambrose, Governor Tom Ridge and Governor Christine Todd Whitman.  Open to the public and held in Burruss Auditorium, this event is usually held each March.

University Honors Program – the Corps works very closely with the university Honors Program to help cadets work towards Honors Diplomas, prestigious scholarships and other certifications.  Any cadet with a 3.6 or higher GPA is eligible to apply and many of the activities in the Corps can be used to fulfill the requirements for the university Honors Program.